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Shop Australia is dedicated to providing a prompt and timely delivery service and currently ships products globally to over 200 countries worldwide. We use only reputable and reliable freight & shipping providers to deliver your order on time, everytime.


Australia Delivery


FREE Delivery Policy:

Local (Within Australia)

FREE delivery to any address within Australia for orders AU$100 and above.

Worldwide (International)

FREE WORLDWIDE delivery (Standard International Airmail) for products with Free Worldwide Delivery Sympols.


STANDARD & EXPRESS Delivery Options:

Shop Australia offers both STANDARD and EXPRESS delivery options for you to choose from.

Standard Delivery option

Please allow for between eight (8) to twenty one (21) business days unless specified otherwise in the item description. This lead time is also subject to the Customs & Duty requirements of the recipient country and the speed at which the parcels can be cleared.

Orders sent by Standard International Air do not have trace & trace, however in some countries track & trace might be available. Please note that a signature may be required upon final delivery of goods.

Express Delivery option

Normally we will ship our products within three (3) to ten (10) business days unless specified otherwise in the item description. If for any reason Shop Australia is unable to dispatch your order within five (5) business days we will contact you with the details you have provided and communicate to you the expected dispatch date.

All orders shipped using our Express Delivery Option is done so as a Registered Parcel with track & trace. Please note that a signature will be required upon final delivery of goods.

Please understand that Shop Australia takes no responsibility for delivery to an incorrect address and that the customer is responsible for the cost to resend an order that is returned due to an incorrect address. It is your responsibility to make sure your delivery address details are correct and current to ensure correct delivery.    

Actual & Volumetric Weight

The calculation and charge for the shipping of your consignment using EXPRESS is based on the total weight of the consignment, with the Actual or Volumetric (dimensional) weight applying depending on which is greater.

Customs and Duty:

Your order may be subject to customs requirements and also import duties and taxes once your order reaches the respective country of destination. Please note we will not be held responsible for any delays caused by Customs in the recipient country, this also includes parcels that are detained or confiscated if they are deemed prohibited by the customs authority in the recipient country.

Any duties and taxes, which are levied by the authorities in the destination country, are at your cost. Also shipping fees are not refundable for undeliverable or refused shipments.

Restricted products

Some products may be restricted or not allowed in some countries.  Responsibility for this rests with the purchaser and if you are not sure if the items you are ordering are permitted in your country then it is solely your responsibility to check.

For deliveries to high risk countries we will request proof of identity documents, this also pertains to any products with age restrictions.

Shop Australia is also registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and able to ship products to the United States requiring FDA prior notification. 

Parcel(s) unclaimed

In the event that a parcel is unclaimed by a customer in the recipient country and is returned back to us, we are not obligated to provide a refund to the value of the product. We will however provide the option of resending the item(s) with any additional shipping costs incurred resting with the customer(s) concerned. 


If by chance you have still not received your order after 30 working days due to goods being Lost-in-delivery, you are advised to contact our Customer Service Team. We can then assist in tracking your order and advising on the status of the parcels delivery.


Contact us:

Shop Australia will assist as best we can so that you receive your valuable order as requested. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team at any stage, for any queries or questions about the Delivery or Delivery charges relating to your order.