Olina’s Bakehouse Snackers Seeded Crackers Chilli & Lime 140g

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Olina’s Bakehouse Snackers Seeded Crackers Chilli & Lime 140g

At olina’s bakehouse we are serious about baking. We take time to perfectly craft each recipe for the most delicious products for you to enjoy and share.

Our seeded snackers are made with simple, real ingredients then slow baked in small batches for the perfect light and crunchy texture.

With the goodness of whole seeds and delicious flavour combinations, seeded snackers are the perfect snack to satisfy those savoury cravings.

Allergens Warnings:

Contains Sesame Seeds

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Seeds (81%) [White Sesame Seeds, Linseeds, Sunflower Kernals, Pumpkin Seed Kernals], Chilli & Lime Seasoning (7.5%) [Maltodextrin, Sugar, Natural Food Acids (262, 330), Natural Flavours, Salt, Yeast & Yeast Extract, Spice & Spice Extract (Paprika, Ginger, Chilli), Vegetable Powders (Garlic, Onion), Mineral Salt [508], High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Psyllium Husk.

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