Paw Paw Ointment

Paw Paw Ointment

The Paw Paw fruit is well known for its sweet flavour, vibrant colour and strong creamy taste - however many people suggest that it also has a tendancy to help the bowel move easily and regularly. This is of course a health benefit as roughage can help to cleanse the body, resulting in clear skin, heathy intestinal flora and balanced stomach acid.

In the particular reference to Paw Paw it does have more health benefits and uses than most other fruit - this adds to it's versatility and great reputation. This reputation has been around since Dr Thomas Pennington Lucas documented his ideas about Paw Paw's medicinal value in 1910 - which was formally recognised by Ormond St Hospital in London.

After many years of research Dr Lucas fermented the fruit to produce several remedies- one of which was Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment - which has been  available from pharmacies in Australia and New Zealand dating back 100 years. During this time Paw Paw remedies have been successful in treating many diseases and skin conditions which have of course been well documented.

Paw Paw in contemporary times.

These are just some of the conditions that Paw Paw Ointment can assit:

-Minor burns


-Dry chapped lips and skin


-Gravel Rash

-Minor Open Wounds (barrier ointment)

-Nappy Rash



-Splinters and Thorns

Other possibilities include cosmetic benefits such as deep moisturising while working as a barrier aginst the elements - this is often quoted as a major cause of ageing skin and wrinkles or saggy skin. Long term there are no known adverse effects of using Paw Paw on your face everyday. Furthermore there are few ingredients unlike many cosmetics today which carry an array of so called 'natural chemicals' which may not be good for your skin long term.

Here are the few ingredients in Lucas' Ointment:

-Pure fermented Paw Paw (fruit arrives fresh at the factory in Queensland)

-Base - Pharmaceutical Grade Petroleum Jelly and Wax (FDA and Euro Pharma approved)

-Minimal amount of Gurn Balsam Peru (Aroma)

Free From:

-Sodium Lauryl Sulphate



-Palm Oil





In rare cases, Paw Paw may cause allergic reaction - in which case use must be stopped immediately.


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