TeaTox Slim Tea 28teabags

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TeaTox Slim Tea 28 Teabags
TeaTox Slim Tea - provides detoxification and slimming benefits.
All Natural Ingredients With a tone of Health Benefits
Lotus Leaf - Anti- inflammatory, kill cancer cells and bacteria, reduces blood sugar,
helps the breakdown of fat, and protect the heart and blood vessels.
Chemicals in lotus also seem to protect the skin, liver, and brain.
Winter Melon - May improve digestion, prevent ulcers, may reduce inflammation, may
offer some protection against type 2 diabetes, may have antimicrobial
Cassia Seed- Cassia seed extract has been scientifically shown to noticeably improve
insulin sensitivity of diabetic lab animals, which may in turn offer some
protection against type 2 diabetes and diseases associated with it
Hawthorne - Antioxidant effects, blood circulation and is most commonly used for
anxiety, high blood pressure
Double Red Rose - High amounts of anti-oxidant vit c to help fight infection, and may ease flu
like symptoms, anti-inflammatory effects, may help ease discomfort of
menstrual pain, aiding in digestion and weight loss
Dandelion Leaf - supports blood sugar management and boost
skin, liver and heart health, may reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels
lower blood pressure, promote liver health, aid weight loss, is an anti-
inflammatory & contains antioxidants, may support healthy digestion and
treat constipation
Nettle Leaf - May aid reducing pain of various conditions, urinary tract health, blood
sugar management.
Lemongrass - May aid in improving levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood,
antibacterial, relieves pain and swelling, and has anti-oxidant properties
Green Tea - Improved brain function, Increases body fat burn, anti-oxidants, lowering
risk of heart disease


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100% Natural ingredients Lotus Leaf, Winter melon, CassiaSeed, Hawthorne, Double Red Rose,Dandelion Leaf, Nettle leaf,Lemongrass, Green Tea

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