Kit Kat Gift

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Great Lilttle Gift for friends and families in any kind of occasions. Fully filled by Australia most popular snack - Kit Kat, now you can enjoy so many flavours at one go!

This Gift contains: 

2x Kit Kat Chunky Chocolate by Nestle - 50g

1x Kit Kat Chunky Gooey Caramel by Nestle - 55g

1x Kit Kat  DoubleCookies & Cream Block by Nestle - 170g

1x Kit Kat  Milk Chocolate Block by Nestle - 170g

1x Kit Kat Dark Choc Block by Nestle - 170g

2x Kit Kat Mint Cookie Fudge by Nestle - 45g

1x Kit Kat Classic Milk Fun Pack by Nestle - 185g

1x Kit Kat  Double Cookies & Cream by Nestle  - 45g

1x Kit Kat  Chocolate Gooey Caramel by Nestle - 45g


Order now from Shop Austiralia, We will deliver your Gift  to you, your friends and families. Great Gift for Birthday, New Year's Day, Christmas, etc

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

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