Cadbury Treats Gift Basket

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Chocolate Lovers! Cadbury Lovers! This is for you!

Whole basket of Cadbury treats, so many flavours to choose, isn't that your 'dream gift' ? Having a hot chocolate in the morning, put a few bars in your bag for the day needs, serve your friends with the Treat pack and some Black Forest Chocolate block. Order this basket for your friends'birthday, family parties, company gatherings, you will be so welcome! A great gift to go with any kind of occasions!

This basket contains: 

1 x Drinking Chocolate by Cadbury - 400g

1 x Milk Chocolate Treat Pack by Cadbury - 180g

1 x Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Beanies Bar by Cadbury - 50g

1 x Timeout Chocolate Bar by Cadbury - 40g

1 x Picnic  Chocolate Bar by Cadbury - 46g

1 x Dream Smooth & Creamy White Chocolate Bar by Cadbury - 50g

1 x Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar Roll by Cadbury - 55g

1 x Oreo Chocolate Bar Vanilla by Cadbury - 45g

1 x Milk Chocolate Bar by Cadbury - 50g

1 x Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bar by Cadbury - 50g

1 x Milk Chocolate Caramello by Cadbury - 55g

1 x Milk Chocolate Black Forest by Cadbury - 45g



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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Please note: If there are any delays with product supply, we will swap out products to similar products in order for the Gift Basket to be shipped promptly.

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