Aroma Block Essential Oil (Aniseed) - Kirra - 65g

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Rich, sweet Aniseed

Aniseed seed essential oil possesses a rich and sweet scent with a mild initial aroma. Its scent is often compared to that of black liquorice and is great for enhancing dull essential oil blends. In small quantities, aniseed is great for creating a sense of calm and serenity.

Aniseed Block Essential Oil:

  • Cubed segments that are easy to break off
  • Calming herbaceous scent similar to black liquorice
  • Blends well with cedar wood, coriander, mandarin, rosewood, bay and caraway oil

Kirra has conveniently tapped the mild and calming properties of aniseed essential oil with their Aniseed Aroma Block. Made from a natural soy wax blend and packaged in an air tight clam shell, it is easy to snap off and place onto your oil burner.

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