Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil which is also known as Melaleuca Oil is an essential oil with a vibrant Camphor natured aroma and a colour which ranges from pale yellow to clear. Tea Tree has shown much promise in the treatment of bacterial and fungal conditions and remains a good alternative to strong anti- biotics and anti-fungals on the market today. Those who prefer a natural remedy over harmful and checmical based medicines regularly use Tea Tree Oil with good results.

History of Tea Tree:

The name Tea Tree covers several plants from Australia and New Zealand - these are from the same family, Myrtaceae which are related to the Myrtle. The name most probably came from Captain Cook who first described to these shrubs - which he used to make an infusion to drink in place of tea. Commercially Tea Tree was marketed in the 1920's by Arthur Penfold from Australia, who claimed that Tea Tree Oil has great antiseptic abilities.


-ISO 4730 or 'Oil of Melaleuca'

-There are 15 components to this standard

-There are over 98 compounds in the oil, however Terpinene-4-oil is responsible for most of the antimicrobial activity

Medicinal uses:


-Genital Herpes





-Ear Infections


Tea tree can also be used as an effective wash for surfaces and minor skin afflictions such as acne.


Pure Tea Tree Oil - Terpinen - 4 - ol


In rare cases local reaction may occur - stop use immediately in this instance.

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